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Yokohama Award
of Japan Chapter ISS/SIC

Yokohama Award of Japan Chapter ISS/SIC
ISW Travel Grant offered by Japan Chapter to Japanese young surgeons -

In order to encourage Japanese young surgeons’ active participation in the ISW, Japan Chapter of ISS/SIC has set up a travel grant program that provides partial financial support for them to participate in the ISW.
This grant is funded by contribution by LOC ISW2011 Yokohama, which was sourced from its residual profit. For this background and in commemoration of the success of ISW2011 Yokohama, the grant was named “Yokohama Award.”

The outline of the Yokohama Award program for ISW 2024 Kuala Lumpur is as follows.

1. Eligibility:

Japanese surgeons aged 40 or younger at the time of application and satisfy the following requirements.
(1) Has submitted abstracts to the ISW 2024 Congress as oral presenter (Submitted abstracts choosing the category of “Oral Only” or “Oral or Poster”)
(2) Has reference from a member of Japan Chapter ISS/SIC

2. Number of awards: 


3. Amount of award:

100,000 yen each (= Approximately 685 USD), 500,000 yen in total

4. Period of application acceptance:  By Sunday, February 4, 2024

5. Procedures for application:
(1) An application form is available from ISS/SIC Japan Chapter website.
(2) Submit the completed application form (with the abstract and the signature of the reference) by e-mail or letter to Japan Chapter ISS/SIC

6. Notification of the award:
Applicants will be notified the award by the end of March 2024. The names of award winner will also be announced in publications of Japan Chapter ISS/SIC including website and newsletter.

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