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WARNING: Please be aware of scams and be advised that ISW 2024 has not authorized any travel agent or third-party entities to conctact delegates for accommodation or other services. To safeguard your interests and ensure seamless experience, we strongly recommend to arrange your bookings directly through verified hotels or your personal choice of travel agency. Ensure that any bookings are made through official and reputable sources.

Verify the authenticity of any email or offer related to ISW 2024 by directly contacting our official support team

Please renew your membership to benefit from the reduced congress fees.

join the ISS/SIC

Take advantage of the benefits that ISS/SIC membership offers. By applying for ISS/SIC membership, you open the door to reduced registration fees for the upcoming congress and much more.

Registration fees and deadlines

Please contact our colleagues in Malaysia if you have further questions regarding the registration:

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